Korea Mask Machine

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  • Technical Parameters

1. Appearance size reference of equipment: 5300*1250*1800(MM) (unit: mm);

Material rack 1780X650X1900;

Filming 3460X1250X1500, excluding fragmentation;

Point ears 1750X1050x1800;

Fragment 700X1100X1580;

Finished product output, 1550x450X700

2. Equipment response products: Length: 90mm Width: 175mm Thickness: Three-layer non-woven fabric

3. Equipment efficiency: 40~50 Pcs /min;

4. Equipment surface inspection standard: another agreement;

5. Equipment power supply voltage: AC 220V

6. Equipment access air pressure: 0.4-0.7MPa after drying, filtering and stabilizing;

7. Equipment power: ≈ 10KVA;

8. The total weight of the equipment: ≈1300kg;

9. The number of personnel required for a single device: 1 (one person can operate multiple such devices)