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Operation process of Face mask machine workers

Apr. 26, 21

 1.Workflows of Workers for Face mask machine

1) manually placing product raw materials on a material rack;

2) the workers turn on the pressing roller in turn to put the raw materials into the wire body;

3) The worker presses the equipment start button;

4) the equipment is automatically manufactured according to the set working procedure;

5) Workers patrol the wire body to solve problems encountered in equipment operation in time;

6) the worker goes to the other side to replace the filled material frame;

7) When the raw materials are used up, the workers repeat the above operation process.

 2.Process Flow Chart


1. raw material feeding process

N95 masks are generally made up of 3-6 layers of cloth (see the mask picture above for details). As can be seen, this mask machine can make masks with 6 layers at most. When you need to make several layers of masks, put some rolls of cloth on the rack and leave the rest empty.

 1) cloth path

Each roll of cloth passes through the tensioning mechanism and then passes through the cloth roll support frame to enter the next process:


  2) Mechanism in Feeding Process

Cloth roll placement rack:

This mechanism is the cloth roll feeding mechanism. The cloth roll is fixed on the feeding stick through two conical positioning blocks on the drawing. The feeding stick is powered by a motor driving a gear to provide power to the stick, and the rotation speed of the stick is adjusted in real time according to the cloth conveying situation to ensure stable output of the cloth.

Cloth support frame:

The fabric support frame mechanism is relatively simple. We can see from his name and the representation on the figure that it supports the fabric to prevent the fabric from falling down:

Tensioning mechanism:

 On the far right side of the cloth is connected a cloth roll. As we said above, the cloth roll placing frame is driven, so the role of this tensioning mechanism is to prevent the cloth from being too loose or too tight. The function of the counterweight is to reduce the downward pressure of the two rollers on the left side of the rotating rod on the cloth, but it does not exceed their gravity, so the tensioning mechanism will rotate in the direction of the two rollers in a free state.

1) when the cloth roll starts to be discharged, because the discharging speed is higher than the feeding speed during production, the cloth will start to loosen, and the roller on the left side of the rotating rod will start to fall due to gravity until the sensing plate is detected by the sensor, then the driving motor of the cloth roll stops, and in this process, the cloth will remain tight all the time;

2) When the drive motor stops rotating, the feeding will make the cloth more and more tight. At this moment, the roller on the left side of the rotating rod will be pulled up gradually until the sensing plate is detected by the sensor on the upper side, and the cloth roll starts to be discharged;

3) Repeat the above process.

The above is the working principle of the tensioning mechanism. Then, we can see that there is also a hard limit block in the diagram above. Its function is to support the rotating rod when the cloth placing frame corresponding to the tensioning mechanism is not in use.


The above are the Operation process of Face mask machine workers, if you want to know more, please contact us.

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