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Quality Warranty

Spower automatic machine have 12-36 months quality warranty(depands on different machine), all life time technical support, Free maintenance during warranty period (Human-mistake, contravention the operate manual and Except for the faults caused by irresistible natural phenomena not under the warranty).

1. During the warranty period machine failure, if the troubleshooting can not work, please call, letter or fax to contact us, we will reply you after get your feedback within 24 hours.

2. Easily-consumed products accessories and wearing parts (such as Tools, limate switch,Oil, etc.) is not covered in the warranty,But we have responsibility to provide the Technical support.

3. The Ultronsic have 6 month quality warranty, According to the ultronsic device manufacture warranty policy.

4. one of the following circumstances, does not belong to the scope of free services, but can be implemented fee service:

(1) The customer due to the use, maintenance, improper storage caused damage;

(2) Due to self-transport, handling, improper coupling or non-repair or modification of our company caused damage;

(3) Accessories over the free warranty period;

(4) Supplies (such as: lubricants, materials, oil, etc.);

(5) Damage to the unit due to insufficient power or high voltage discharge and power supply misalignment;

(6) Non-professionals repair the machines.

Please refer to the correct machine operate steps, if in doubt please feel free to contact with our aftermarket department, high-quality machines need careful maintenance in order to maximize the value.

Our Promise:

ALL of the Component are Genuine and international brand;

All of the machine assembly by EURO CE standard;

Spower CARE Always With our Client.